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Spanish Kitchen Decor

spanish kitchen decor

  • the Romance language spoken in most of Spain and the countries colonized by Spain

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  • Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment.

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Torre del Remei

Torre del Remei

Originally a private residence built in 1910, then confiscated and used as a school and hospital during the Spanish Civil War, the mansion that houses Torre del Remei was all but deserted when proprietors Josep-Maria and Loles Boix came upon it by chance in the late 1980s. Already owners of one flourishing hotel, they knew a good thing when they saw one.Subsequent renovation created an establishment that artfully blends past and present, majesty and calm. The original Gaudi Epoch architecture, characterised by arabesque arches and intricately plastered ceilings, is now offset by walls in cool pastels, glowing wooden floors and modernist decor. Eleven bedrooms are each named after geographical features seen from the windows. Beds are large and done up in embroidered linen, bathrooms are huge and feature whirlpool baths.While Senora Boix manages the daily operations and very attentive staff, Josep-Maria is master of the kitchen. His award-winning, often regional cuisine with ingredients from the hotels kitchen garden - draws locals as well as tourists to the dining room.Also restored, the five-acre grounds include the original hundred year-old sequoias and several new ones, making for 30 species in all. Here you can enjoy the swimming pool, putting green or restorative strolls around the property.

Pink Spanish Lace Cake Stand by Fenton

Pink Spanish Lace Cake Stand by Fenton

Gorgeous rose pink cake stand by Fenton, circa 1950. Hand made pink glass, almost slag glass effects as the color darkens going outward from the center. Embossed spanish lace motif with scalloped edge in mint condition. Rare and highly collectible.

spanish kitchen decor

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