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Cheap Decorations For The Home

cheap decorations for the home

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Star Anise {009/365}

Star Anise {009/365}

A little before Christmas I was doing my Christmas shopping and, like every year, I bought something for me as well as everybody else.

That something was everything that I could possibly need to start making my own soap. It's an obvious thing to do considering the amount of money that I spend in Lush buying the sort of thing that I can make cheaper in my own home and have fun doing so.

What does this have to do with star anise? Well I love the smell of aniseed. Absolutely adore it, it's right up there with coconut and vanilla on my lovelist. And these will make really great decorations for the first batch of fantastical soap I'm planning on making next week when I'm off work.



finally took the lanterns off the ceiling last week! The best, cheapest, easiest to store decoration ever! now for the fall lanterns .. )

I two big boxes of all sorts of lanterns for every season.

cheap decorations for the home

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